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1. Manuscripts for review

  • (1) Only the articles with a manuscript number given by the editorial committee are on review.
  • (2) When the committee decided that the manuscript does not follow the instructions for authors, it is returned to the authors without receiving a manuscript number.

2. Reviewers

  • (1) Review board shall be organized and be selected in conformity with the Regulations on Editorial Committee of the Korean Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgical Society
  • (2) The committee can discharge the reviewer in cases that
    • a) When a reviewer rejects a review of a paper more than twice without a justified reason.
    • b) When a reviewer delays review more than 31 days over three times without a justified reason.
    • c) When a reviewer behaves improperly as a reviewer.

3. Review of a manuscript

  • (1) A manuscript is reviewed by reviewers.
  • (2) In principle, number of review is limited to three for a reviewer.
  • (3) The reviewer must send the review results with the manuscript within two weeks after he received the manuscript for review. When a reviewer can not finish reviewing within 30 days, the committee can cancel the entrustment. The reviewer should send the manuscript back to the editorial office when the entrustment is cancelled.
  • (4) The reviewer presents the review results in one of four terms, ‘publish as it is’, ‘publish after correction’‘, review after correction’and‘ rejected’, and mark review opinion on a separate paper.
    • a) ‘publish as is’ means that the manuscript can be published without any modification by the authors.
    • b) ‘publish after correction’ means that the manuscript can be published after modification of the items pointed out by the reviewer.
    • c) ‘review after correction’ means that the reviewer will review the manuscript again after the author modified or supplemented the manuscript according to the comments of the reviewer. When the reviewer decides to ‘review after correction’ even after three times or more of review, the editorial office can make the manuscript be ‘rejected’.
    • d) ‘rejected’ means that the manuscript is not suitable for publication.
  • (5) When two reviewers judged the manuscript to be ‘rejected’, it is not published in principle.
  • (6) When only one of two reviewers judged the manuscript to be‘ rejected’, it is send to one of the editorial board to decide its acceptance.
  • (7) The Editor-in-Chief decides acceptance of a manuscript based on results of reviewing process. Final decision for publication is made at a meeting of the editorial board.
  • (8) Review results are notified to the corresponding author of the manuscript. The names of reviewers will not be opened.
  • (9) In case an author submits the paper judged to be ‘rejected’ appealing against the decision, the paper is not received again.

4. English review

  • (1) English written in the paper that is judged to be published is reviewed by an English reviewer.
  • (2) The English reviewer can not change the review results on publication. Only English expressions and grammar are on review.

5. Other Stipulation

The stipulations, which are not stated in this regulation, are determined at the meeting of the editorial boards. Basically, regulations will follow the Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society

Korean Society of
Stereotactic and

Print ISSN: 1738-6217
Online ISSN: 2765-6608

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